Meet Diane

Group exercise helps Diane lose weight, improve her mood and feel fit and healthy

Diane from Blaby

In 2022, Diane felt like she was in a rut, as all she seemed to do was eat, sleep, work, repeat. She knew she had to make a lifestyle change and so she started to go on long walks after work and at the weekends. However, this didn't seem to have any impact on her, as she was used to being on her feet all day due to being a nurse.

Wanting to try something new, Diane joined her local gym but didn't stick at it. She then found an aquafit group, but couldn't find any sessions closer to home. On the verge of giving up, she found a local exercise group, and she hasn't looked back since!

Diane attends her local class twice a week, which has helped her achieve her goal of losing weight and improving her mental health. She's even made some new friends at the class, and she encourages everyone else to try something new and join a local group.

Do you want to be active like Diane?