Meet Pauline

Pauline loves to exercise despite the daily challenges she faces

Pauline from Charnwood

Despite working full-time and being a single mum of 2, Pauline made sure to fit physical activity into her daily routine to help her relax. Following her retirement, Pauline took the opportunity to enjoy different activities to keep her busy, such as walking, cycling, squash and some exercise classes; however, following a debilitating back problem, she was left in considerable pain and extremely limited movement.

Pauline became fed up of the constant pain, but soon had a light-bulb moment whilst doing some research… She realised that improvement was up to her. She began to start rehabilitating her mind alongside her body by managing the expectations of her recovery and became appreciative of what she could do, rather than focusing on what she couldn't do.

Recovery was a slow and hard process, but after having more supportive-physio sessions and a positive mindset, Pauline is now almost pain free and able to enjoy the things she wants to do throughout her retirement. As a result, Pauline arranged a weekly ladies squash evening aimed at having fun and being active, and has attendees range from 9 to 70 years old!

Pauline now wants to encourage anyone who has been injured or those living in pain to seek support and use physical activity to manage their condition, as well as reminding everyone that it's not about being the best, it's about doing YOUR best.

Do you want to be active like Pauline?