Meet Walk & Talk Project

A safe space for local residents to meet like-minded individuals and improve their mental health

The Walk & Talk Project in Charnwood

Starting in 2022 as a simple post on Facebook for men that wanted to meet on a Monday night for a walk around Loughborough Town Centre, the Walk and Talk Project has grew into large weekly group enabling men of all ages to meet in a safe environment to talk and exercise.

Following the success of the Men's group, a Ladies group was set up in May 2023. Both groups continue to grow week on week, with more members joining, sharing their stories, improving their mental health whilst keeping active in the process.

The group regularly receives positive feedback through its members and gain new attendees. This goes to show that something as simple as a slow walk with other people can have hugely positive impacts on your mental wellbeing.

Do you want to be active like the Walk & Talk Project?