Activity Tracker - Break - 150 Challenge

Break - 150 Challenge

Join our systemwide ‘Break-150’ Challenge to start your year feeling great. Log your physical activity along with your colleagues, to experience first-hand the benefits of an active lifestyle, 29th Jan – 29th Feb 2024

  • Start Date29th Jan 2024
  • End Date29th Feb 2024



Many of us know that being active is great for our physical health, but did you know there are some fantastic social and mental benefits too such as increasing social connectedness, maintaining independence for longer, and reducing isolation? It can also make us happier and healthier at work, boosting our productivity and team morale!

We invite you to join our systemwide 'Break-150' team activity challenge to start your new year feeling great. Log your physical activity along with your colleagues to experience first-hand the benefits of an active lifestyle. Those of you who like an extra challenge can seek to break-150 minutes of physical activity each week. The challenge will start on 29th January and end on the 29th February 2024, providing you with some much-needed motivation as you continue to reach your goals for the new year.

If you work in the NHS, health, social care, emergency services, local authority, or charity workforce within LLR, this is your opportunity to get involved. Physical activity has the ability to bring people together and to positively impact on our wellbeing, regardless of activity level, fitness, or ability.

Once registered, either create a team of up-to 4 or join an existing team and start logging your activity (anything from walking to cycling, swimming to Zumba) by manually adding it, or by connecting apps such as Fitbit or Strava. Your activity will be converted to points, and don't forget that points mean prizes! The challenge is fully inclusive and open to all abilities and activity levels, all activity counts! So, can you Break-150?

If you need some inspiration to keep active, stay motivated or don't know where to start, why not try download and complete our Break 150 Journal. Remember, Break-150 is the challenge but so long as you're comfortable challenging yourself and getting your heart rate up you'll benefit from the activity and it's all still valid to be logged online to give you a chance to be in with winning the exciting prizes!

How-to Guide – Joining the Challenge and Creating a Team

Scroll down the challenge page to register or log-in for Sport Suite.

If this is the first time you have used the Activity Tracker, you may be asked to provide a few more details on the next page.

Click the 'Add Team' button at the top right of the challenge page to create your team or click the 'View Teams' button to join an existing team. If you are creating a team, you will then be able to share a direct link with your colleagues to invite them to join the same team. The more creative your team's name, the better!

To log activity, click the 'Log Activity' button at the top right of the challenge page. Please note that activity may take up to an hour to appear on the leaderboard.

Your dashboard ( displays a breakdown of all the activity you have logged. Here, you can also connect apps such as Fitbit and Strava. Just click the watch icon in the top right-hand corner. Apple Watch users can connect to Strava via their Apple device and then connect to the Activity Tracker via Strava.

Prizes for:

If you haven't undertook exercise for a while or have any concerns, please seek support from your GP before activity.

This challenge has now ended.