Active Medicine

Supporting local healthcare professionals to learn more about how physical activity can make a difference and improve people's lives.

It is widely evidenced that physical activity can have a positive effect on both physical and mental wellbeing, both in the context of prevention and treatment.

Yet across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland 39% of adults and 83% of children do not meet the UK Chief Medical Officers physical activity guidelines (1). For those living with a health condition, they are twice as likely to be inactive than people without a health condition (2). Unfortunately, 60 % of people with 2 or more LTC are not happy with their current activity levels (3).

National clinical guidelines from the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence advice physical activity promotion for inactive people with a range of long-term conditions and physical activity brief advice in healthcare is one of the top seven 'best buys' for getting a population active.

Finally, a peer reviewed consensus statement from the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that it is safer for patients to be physically active than not. You can find more information, including symptom specific considerations at the link below.

1 in 4 people would be more active if advised by a GP or Nurse, highlighting the critical value of the patient practitioner relationship to activity and improved health outcomes.

Physical Activity Messaging

Physical Activity Messages for GP surgeries and PPGs to share with patients and residents. Take the messages/posts provided and share these on your communication channels.

Physical Activity for Health Training

Research suggests that over 70% of GP's do not speak to patients about the benefits of physical activity or are aware of the UK Chief Medical Officers physical activity guidelines (3). Studies showed 80% of GP's were not familiar with PA guidance and only 16% of physiotherapists knew all the guidance (4,5). This section aims to summarise training opportunities for health care practitioners to access physical activity training.

Our Physical Activity Clinical Champions training could be for you.

We are able to arrange the national PHE Physical Activity Clinical Champion Training for health settings, which aims to increase clinicians understanding, confidence and expertise to deliver brief advice in clinical practice. (targeting GP's, Midwives, Nurses) at a local level.

E-learning for Healthcare

e-learning for healthcare offer a range of physical activity and health workshops for healthcare professionals online.

This allows you to complete the training at a time and location that suits you, and you can choose from a variety of courses the offer accredited CPD points.

Physical Activity and Health

This e-learning course prepares GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to champion the benefits of physical activity with their patients and, in doing so, help prevent and/or manage a range of common physical and mental health conditions.

The course will familiarise the learner with the UK Chief Medical Officers' physical activity guidelines, the underpinning evidence base and how to incorporate it into their daily clinical care.

Physical Activity and Health

All our health

Is a bite-sized session to give health and care professionals an overview of physical activity - including key evidence, data and signposts to trusted resources to help prevent illness, protect health and promote wellbeing.

All our health

BMJ Learning

BMJ and PHE's Physical Activity in the treatment of long-term conditions course covers 9 modules including cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and low back pain, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease (COPD and asthma), depression, anxiety, sleep and dementia. Plus a module on promoting physical activity in primary care.

Physical Activity in the treatment of long term conditions

We also offer a range of training for the non-clinical workforce, who play a huge role in supporting individuals to get moving for physical and mental health benefits.

Let’s Get Moving Training

These sessions are aimed at anyone who would like to know more about physical activity and how it can support those they work with. Attendees may be from the health, social and voluntary sector including; social prescribers/LACs/Health & Wellbeing Coaches, VCSE workers/volunteers, or social workers and carers.

Session elements include;

  • Physical activity guidelines and recommendations
  • Benefits of physical activity
  • Long term conditions
  • Local opportunities and services
  • Resources to support someone to move more
  • Behaviour change

The session can be adapted based on the delegate interests and needs, therefore length of the session will vary, generally it might last 60 minutes.

Contact us on the details below for more information and to arrange a session.

Healthy Conversation Training

This is a national training that is co-ordinated locally by Leicestershire County Council that Active Together can deliver for you.

This practical skills development training is for front line workers who interact with the public and have an opportunity to support health and wellbeing. This training has been delivered to a range of workforces including doctors, nurses, APHs, housing, libraries, job centres, social care and many more.

The training is very participatory and draws on trainees' own experiences and beliefs. Each session is tailored to the training needs and helps facilitate them to identify opportunities in their own roles to use the skills gained from the course.

Objectives of the session include:

  • How you can support someone to explore their own health and wellbeing
  • How using more effective responses can help people find their own solutions
  • How you can support someone to think about their own behaviour change plan

There are a range of training sessions related to this available depending on need and availability;

  • MECC Lite (3 hours)
  • MECC (2x3 hour sessions)

Physical Activity Guidelines

The UK Chief Medical Officers' physical activity guidelines reinforce the importance of physical activity by providing recommendations on the frequency, intensity, duration and types of physical activity required for health benefits.

The guidelines apply across different age groups, life stages (from early to later years), irrespective of gender, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

These are available for our partners to use and can be downloaded via the link provided.

Moving Medicine

Is the ultimate resource to help healthcare professionals integrate physical activity conversations into routine clinical care. The site contains step-by-step guides to support good quality conversations about physical activity. Furthermore, it features condition specific physical activity information and links to local physical activity opportunities.

Active Mums Start With You

Being active during pregnancy and beyond brings with it a host of physical and mental benefits, including a reduction in hypertensive disorders, lower gestational weight gain, a reduction in the risk of developing gestational diabetes, and a reduction in depression, improved emotional wellbeing and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight in the postpartum period.

However, many healthcare professionals don't regularly have conversations about physical activity with this population group. In response, Moving Medicine, This Girl Can and The Active Pregnancy Foundation have teamed up to provide a suite of the most useful training and resources, based on feedback from GPs, midwives and health visitors, to arm healthcare professionals such as yourself with the knowledge and confidence to proactively hold these conversations. Active mums start with you.

Active Practices

RCGP (The Royal College of GPs )and Sport England have teamed up to launch the Active Practice Charter to inspire and celebrate GP practices that are taking steps to increase activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in their patients and staff.

Please visit our Active Practice page for more information of how you can get involved locally.

Local Activity

Active Together are here to help local residents to move a little more, in your own way.

We work with many organisations across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to support residents on their journey to being healthier and happier, by moving more.

Referral Programmes

Active Referral offers individuals aged 16+ who are currently inactive (doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week) and living with a medium or high risk medical condition to sessions of community or leisure centre-based activity at discounted rates.

Alongside health and care partners, we are implementing a free postural stability exercise programme called Steady Steps with support from each of the localities across Leicestershire and Rutland.

Steady Steps is a 24-week programme tailored to those who have previously fallen or worry about falling and is designed to help improve balance and stability. Delivered by Level 4 specialised Postural Stability Instructors, the classes are tailored to each individual's abilities and will progress in difficulty throughout the programme.

People are eligible for the Steady Steps programme if they are aged over 65, are at risk of falling (e.g. have a high fear or falling or poor balance) or have fallen less than three times in the past 12 months.

Weight Management

Leicestershire County Council Weight Management Service offer a range of weight management support for people aged 16 years and above* as well as a lifestyle programme for families of children aged 4-17 to help them develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about the programme using the link below.

Our Get Active Search Engine enables local residents to find local parks/open spaces, clubs, community groups and their activity sessions near them.

For more information please contact:

Georgia James

Georgia James

Sports Development Officer (Health & Physical Activity)

Active Together

I am working flexibly in the office or at home, therefore please contact me via email or phone number provided.

My areas of responsibility are:

- Physical Activity and Health Projects
- Active Medicine
- Harborough Link Officer

01509 467487

(1) Active Lives Survey 2017/18

(2) Active Lives Survey 2018

(3) Richmond Group, 2016

(4) Sport England Briefing Note (Tackling Inactivity: Key Work to Support Health Care Professionals) 2019

(5) Lowe, A., Gee, M., McLean, S., Littlewood, C., Lindsay, C., & Everett, S. (2018). Physical activity promotion in physiotherapy practice: a systematic scoping review of a decade of literature. British journal of sports medicine, 52(2), 122-127.

(6) Chatterjee, R., Chapman, T., Brannan, M. G., & Varney, J. (2017). GPs' knowledge, use, and confidence in national physical activity and health guidelines and tools: a questionnaire-based survey of general practice in England. British Journal of General Practice, 67(663), e668-e675.