Developing People

If you enable others to enjoy the benefits of being active and participating in sport, whether you are a coach, volunteer, an official, leader or activator, or you are just looking for support, our Developing People section is here for you.

We firmly believe in the power of understanding and supporting your participants beyond activity. The following recommendations and training opportunities are in place to ensure our "people" can best support their communities in becoming and sustaining activity.

Our offer is split into 3 key areas and more support will be added over the coming months:


These are the corner stones on which all those supporting activity should base their foundations upon. First Aid, Unconscious Bias/Understanding the Person in Front of ME, Mental Wellbeing Awareness and Safeguarding Children/ Vulnerable People training opportunities have been developed with local and national partners to support our people to create safe, welcoming and enjoyable environments for all participants.

Sharing Experiences

To create change we have to create opportunities to share experiences with those we do not understand or have existing relationships with. This area of development provides shared opportunities to upskill yourself and those from underrepresented in physical activity and sport.


We have a fantastic range of local and national providers delivering a wealth of training and developing across a broad range of topics. This section highlights who those providers are and how to access training beyond local opportunities.

For more information please contact:

Luke Green

Luke Green

Workforce Development Officer

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport

I am currently remote working, so please contact me via email/mobile phone (where provided).

01509 564863