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Jobs and careers information for the Sport, Fitness, Leisure and Physical Activity sector.

Here's a wealth of information for anyone wanting to find out more about working in the sport sector with a focus on Leicester and Leicestershire.

Individuals new to the world of work to people with many years experience in the sector or in other sectors. Careers advisers, tutors, teachers, employers, employees, parents/carers, supporters and friends of people interested in finding out more.

  • Section 1 - Helpful Career Resources & Videos
  • Section 1a - Careers slides and labour market information
  • Section 1b - Videos demonstrating the range of the Sport, Physical Activity & Leisure Careers across LLR
  • Section 1c - Download our careers film social media toolkit
  • Section 2 - Examples of employers in the leisure, health and fitness and sport sector.
  • Section 3 - Top Tips
  • Section 4 - Other Job Finders

Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure Overview

Section 1 - Helpful Careers Resources & Videos

Be inspired by a range of roles across the whole physical activity and sport sector.

Understand more about the types of roles, labour market data, salaries, wider opportunities.

Section 1a - Careers slides and labour market information

Careers and Labour Market Overview 2023

  • Careers and Labour Market Overview 2023

Careers and Labour Market Information & Tasks

  • Careers And Labour Market Information Tasks

Sport Sector Careers Presentation 2023

  • Sport Sector Careers Presentation 2023

Section 1b - Videos demonstrating the range of the Sport, Physical Activity & Leisure Careers across Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland

If you require the videos files, please contact us on the details at the bottom of the page.

Adventure Sport and Health & Wellbeing

Exercise, Fitness and Leisure Operations

Elite Sports

Professional and Community Sport

The Wider Sport and Physical Activity Sector


Section 1c - Download Our Careers Film Social Media Toolkit

Our Careers Film Social Media Toolkit has been designed to allow you to get the most out of promoting the diversity of the local physical activity and sports sector. Within the toolkit you will find short clips which focus on key messages as well as prewritten social media posts and a calendar of the best dates to schedule posts for.

  • Social Media Toolkit

Section 2 - Examples of Employers in the Sector

Examples of employers in the leisure, health and fitness and sport sector. CIMSPA the Chartered Institute for the sector break the sector down into 6 categories.

Other examples of local employers include:

Larger Employers Locally

Some of the larger employers locally are the 'leisure centres' which form part of the 'Leisure Operations' and 'Exercise and Fitness' sub-sectors.

Check out the jobs pages for your local leisure operators

  • Everyone Active run leisure centres in Harborough, Blaby, North West Leicestershire, Oadby and Wigston and Melton
  • Places for People run the leisure centre in Hinckley and Bosworth
  • Fusion run the leisure centre in Charnwood
  • Leicester City Council run the leisure provision in Leicester City
  • Stevenage Leisure Limited run the Catmose Sports in Rutland

Other types of roles in the sector which may be linked to alternative chartered institutes:

Sports Physiotherapy | Sports Nutritionist | Active Design Architect | Sports Technology-Product Design/Development | Academic Research | Client Officers | Finance Director | Marketing and Communications Manager | Media and Broadcasting | Sales and Marketing | Project Management | Teaching/Tutoring at schools, colleges and universities | Business, Admins or Central Support | Data Analyst/Insight Specialist | Business Development | Training Provider

This list is not exhaustive but gives an indication of additional roles which are available.

Section 3 - Top Tips

Top tips for securing the role you want in the sport sector:

1. Be clear about the type of work you secure and the training you need to complete

If you are going to invest your time and money in training and development, be sure to be clear of the type of work you are hoping to secure and which employers you are likely to approach once you are qualified. You could always have a conversation with a potential employer ahead of qualifying.

2. Make it easy for the employer to employ you

Employers should be working to the industry standards. If you meet these standards you are over the biggest hurdle.

If you don't meet the standards yet, but you have identified the role you want to do, explore how to gain the knowledge, skills or experience required to reach these standards.

Again speak to a potential employer and gain their feedback on the best pathways to take

3. If you meet the base line expectations, think about how you can make yourself the best choice for the role

Explore how your current experience might help you be the best person for the role, do you bring new skills/experience to an organisation which complements their existing skills mix?

If you need to gain more experience, try to identify what experience you need, leadership experience, working children, adults, older adults, work with people who are in-active through to competing athletes, is it experience of working with the press/media or running projects…..

4. Gaining extra experience

The great thing about the sports sector, is that there are sports clubs and businesses who have volunteers who work with them. You could put yourself forward to these organisations and see if you can gain experience with them.

Think about the way you can capture this experience to add to your CV or portfolio, think about photos, achievements and learning.

5. Put yourself in the employers shoes

How can you show them that you have the skills/experience they need and the motivation to deliver what they need.

All organisations have different cultures and different target audiences. Use the internet and talk to people to help you find out what area you would like to work in and what sort of role would suit your skills, knowledge, experience and aspirations.

Section 4 - Other Job Finders

For more information please contact:

Ali Clements

Ali Clements

Strategic Lead

Active Together

I am working flexibly in the office or at home, therefore please contact me via email or phone number provided.

My areas of responsibility are:

- Business of Sport Network
- Sport & Economy Growth Plan
- Premier Sporting Location

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