Health Hub

There is great potential for organisations to become 'health-promoting' clubs/organisations and share health and wellbeing messaging to it's members.

There are many opportunities for sport and physical activity clubs/organisations that alongside supporting people to get moving, can also contribute to overall health improvements.

Sport, physical activity and wellbeing clubs, groups and organisations are recognised as valuable assets to local communities and a safe space for people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The Health Hub is a great way to pick up awareness campaigns, share health messaging, discover training opportunities and understand what useful resources and services are available to your club's members, local community and workforce.

It has been developed to provide guidance and support, including pre-written social messaging, resources and links to share key health messages through your club/organisation.

Whether you are a sport or activity club/group/organisation, a charity, sole trader or a limited company, the Health Hub is here to support you to create a healthy environment and promote good health and wellbeing amongst your local community.

Let's Get Moving for our mental and physical wellbeing!

Mental Health And Physical Health Sections

We have pulled together pre-written health messages and key links for you to pop on your social media channels or WhatsApp chats.

Share key health campaign messages with your members

We produce a rolling Health Campaigns Calendar for our Partners to utilise, which highlights key health and wellbeing campaigns throughout the year.

The calendar provides more information about key campaigns and a pre-written social media post for you to pop on your social media channels (adapt or localise where required) to share key health messages with your members and followers - download it to sharing!

If you also require a graphic to send/post with the social media message, click here to access the Health Campaigns Calendar images.

  • July, August, September Health Calendar

Health Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities