Golden Games

Every move enables better strength, stamina, skill and suppleness.

What is Golden Games?

Golden Games is an online toolkit that provides you with resources and ideas to increase physical activity. Golden Games combines traditional games with physical activity to encourage participants to move more through simple and fun group or individual activities.

Who is Golden Games for?

Golden Games is our older adults offer, defined as those aged 65+. However, Golden Games can be utilised by any setting which aims to support its participants to move more. This may include:

  • Care settings
  • Residential homes
  • Sheltered accommodations
  • Charities
  • Disability groups
  • Workplaces
  • Local community and voluntary groups.

Golden Games activities are accessible and inclusive and can be easily adapted to the needs of all participants.

Benefits of Golden Games

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Physical Health

Golden Games activities are designed to improve a range of skills such as: stamina, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, fitness, which all contribute towards slowing normal age-related declines.

Mental Health

Golden Games improves people's positivity, engagement and connection, all of which are fundamental to good mental wellbeing. The nostalgic, fun and varied activities increase a person's motivation to move more.

Social Wellbeing

A fundamental benefit of group activity is providing participants with an opportunity to try something new in a safe and supportive environment. This social connection builds new friendships, contributing to ones 'sense of purpose', which is strongly associated with maintaining physical function.

As well, it can be reassuring for families to know that their family member will have the opportunity/choice to be included in activities that offer mental and physical support, as well as being social and fun.


The Golden Games activities have been co-designed with numerous settings working with a range of participants. They therefore provide all participants with achievable, fun and inclusive activities. The equipment is designed to adapt and fit into your regular programmes and settings, to make it as easy as possible for groups to get moving a little more.


Activities of Daily Living (ADL), are all the essential, basic self-care tasks that people need to do every day to keep themselves safe, healthy, clean and feeling good: from getting up in the morning, showering, grooming, preparing and cooking meals, shopping and travelling to maintaining the house, garden and taking care of pets. These skills can decline more rapidly in older adults living with long-term health conditions or as dementia progresses.

Golden Games activities are designed with these activities in mind, to improve one's resilience which in turns improves people's independence and quality of life.

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Resources to increase physical activity

Step 1: Getting Started

Utilise the resources below to get started with setting up and delivering Golden Games activities.

  • Your Guide to Golden Games Your Guide to Golden Games (PDF, 3.9 Mb)

    Your Guide to Golden Games includes more information about Golden Games and links for further support. It can be downloaded for free.

  • Golden Games Partner Pack

  • Golden Games Activity Pack Golden Games Activity Pack (PDF, 5.4 Mb)

    For information and instructions around how to play each game, please download the Golden Games Activity Pack.

  • Golden Games Activity Pack

Games included in the Golden Games Activity Pack:

  • Active Monopoly - Invest in activity and build a portfolio of strength and balance!
  • Activity Bingo - A game of bingo with an active twist.
  • Dance for Days playlists - A blast from the past ... boogie and jive to a compilation of golden hits.
  • Activity Tracker - An individual resource to keep you on track.
  • Versus Arthritis Let's Move with Leon DVD and Keep Moving booklet - 12 weeks of 30 minute 'follow along' movement sessions.
  • Falls Proof stickers - Support with making moving more a habit.
  • Giant Tic Tac Toe - An active variation of the classic pen and paper game.
  • Core Sliders - A simple way to level up any seated or standing activity!
  • Ring Toss set - Throw, catch, aim and score.
  • Pétanque - A favourite traditional game focusing on balance, strength and coordination.
  • Inflatable ball & pump - This one always brings out the competitive edge!
  • Bean bag throw - How accurate is your throw?
  • Resistance bands - Different strength bands to improve strength and flexibility.
  • Stress balls - Designed to reflect daily activities like getting dressed and standing up from a chair.
  • Invitation cards - Invite individuals to take part in a Golden Games session - this personal touch goes a long way to motivate someone to move a little more.
  • Golden Games bookmarks - Share this bookmark with Golden Games participants and help encourage individuals to get active in ways right for them.
  • Physical Activity For Older Adults A4 Physical Activity For Older Adults A4 (PDF, 146 Kb)

    Familiarise yourself with how much physical activity older adults should be doing each week. Is it more or less than you thought?

  • Golden Games Logo Golden Games Logo (JPEG, 502 Kb, 2001x2001)

    Use the Golden Games logo on your promotional materials, flyers, certificates, and social media. This recognises you as a provider of inclusive physical activity.

  • Golden Games Risk Assessment Golden Games Risk Assessment (MS Word, 42 Kb)

    Download a pre-written Risk Assessment for Golden Games. Please feel free to adapt this to your specific to your participants' needs, and own risk management requirements.

Step 2: Delivering fun and meaningful activity

Below we have produced a 'Recommended Equipment' guide so you can see what resources might be worth investing in depending on your participants' preferences, and also see what you already might have lying around that you can use.

You can also download and print multiple Golden Games resources for free. Some of these resources are activities in themselves, or can help to compliment equipment. The 'Golden Games Activity Pack' is your 'one-stop-shop' - providing all of the information of Golden Games activities, required equipment, and instructions on how to play.

You can also find some 'follow along' seated exercises videos.

  • Recommended Equipment Recommended Equipment (MS Word, 533 Kb)

    A full list of recommended equipment including links, description and prices. From Boccia to inflatable balls, we have it covered to save you time.

  • Active Monopoly Active Monopoly (PDF, 127 Kb)

    Download and print our Active Monopoly board! The traditional game we all know and love, but instead of houses and stations, think calf raises and marching on the spot!

  • Golden Games Activity Tracker Golden Games Activity Tracker (PDF, 108 Kb)

    You can download our Activity Tracker here. Record your daily activity, how you felt and your goals / rewards for that week.

  • Seated Exercise Using a Stress Ball Seated Exercise Using a Stress Ball (PDF, 7.5 Mb)

    Active Charnwood have produced a booklet showing seated exercises with a stress ball. Great for full body strength, and those with long-term health conditions such as arthritis. Aim to do these exercises 2x a week.

  • Seated Exercise Using a Theraband (resistance band) Seated Exercise Using a Theraband (resistance band) (PDF, 9.3 Mb)

    Active Charnwood have produced a booklet showing seated exercises with a Theraband (resistance band). These are low impact activities but a great way to incorporate strength into a routine. Aim to do these exercises 2x a week.

  • Golden Games Bookmark Golden Games Bookmark (PDF, 81 Kb)

    Print and share this bookmark with participants and help encourage individuals to get active in ways right for them. Sometimes, it's the little daily reminders that keep us moving more.

Mary's 'Duster Day'

Golden Games includes a set of core sliders, great for balance, flexibility and strength. If you do not have a set of core sliders to hand, you can follow along to Mary's 'Duster Day' video which uses dusters instead! Getting active is sometimes about getting creative with your surroundings, and Mary's video is a perfect example of this.

Seated Activities

Also included here, are some seated exercise videos which can be an excellent resource in improving balance, mobility, and strength. You can follow along to these with your group, or share the links with your participants for them to try at home.

Core Strength

A core strength seated exercise session aiming to improve balance and reduce back pain.

Stretch & Mobilise

A stretch and mobilise seated exercise session aimed at stretching and lengthening muscles with a focus on controlled breathing.

Leg Strength

A leg strength seated exercise session aimed at leg conditioning, helping individuals who have difficulty with walking up the stairs and walking.

Step 3: Celebrate success

Resources to celebrate engagement in Golden Games. Sometimes, a small token of recognition can go a long way in motivating someone to get and remain physically active.

Golden Games Invitation Cards

Golden Games Invitation Cards are designed for each locality / district area. You can download and print the card relevant to you. You are encouraged to utilise these cards to invite your residents / participants to a Golden Games session. This personal touch goes a long way in motivating someone to move more.

Golden Games Participant Certificate

  • Golden Games Certificate Golden Games Certificate (PNG, 298 Kb, 2000x1414)

    Available for you to print off for your residents and participants, to celebrate their participation and achievements in Golden Games.

Let's get creative

Sometimes we don't need fancy kit and equipment to incorporate more physical activity into our lives.

The videos and web links below provide ideas and inspiration on how to utilise resources you may already have lying around to create creative games which keep residents fit and healthy. From paper balls to re-cycling bin targets to seated coordination trains! There is no right answer, just prioritise fun and safe movement through 'the power of play'.

"I invite residents of nursing homes to be physically active. I try to do this in a creative way that responds to their interests. What kind of work or hobby do they have? I noticed that they move more with everyday life materials work. Playing is also very important".

Social Worker

You're performing the exercises, sport and activity suggested and linked from this guide and the Golden Games Guide Activity Pack at your own risk. Whilst taking part in physical activity and sport, participants should ensure they take part at a level which is appropriate to them and their health, and are responsible for ensuring they check the credentials and health and safety requirements for each activity. It is recommended that participants follow the Chief Medical Officers' Guidelines for physical activity. Participants will choose to utilise these links and take part in activities at their own risk. If you're unsure about your ability, it might be wise to start gradually and build up. Please feel free to refer to our Physical Activity Guidelines when determining the level of activity appropriate to you. Make sure you warm up and cool down to prevent injury, and make sure you keep hydrated. Stop the exercises immediately if you feel faint or unwell, and if you still feel dizzy or unwell have a rest. Next time try something less strenuous, building up your activity gradually.

For any questions regarding Golden Games, please contact:

Jess Hazell

Jess Hazell

Assistant Development Officer

Active Together

I am working flexibly in the office or at home, therefore please contact me via email or phone number provided.

My areas of responsibility are:

- Understanding People and Place
- Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
- LLR Girl Can - (Women's Health, This Girl Can, Active Menopause)
- Place based support for Rutland
- Supporting people with long term health conditions

When I'm not working - I'm at Loughborough University athletics track, training for the 400m. I've been an athlete for 13 years, and love exploring different parts of the world whilst competing.

Favourite Sporting Moment – Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. After tearing his hamstring in the 400m semi-final, Derek's father ran from the stands to help him and they both finished the race together. It always makes me cry!

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