Meet Aliya

Aliya is on a mission to motivate others to be active.

Aliya from Oadby & Wigston

Aliya's fitness journey ignited during the winter lockdown of 2020 when she started enjoying 5ks runs; and from there, she joined a Crossfit Gym in April 2021 and became part of a running club.

What began as 5k running sessions soon evolved into half marathons and the exhilarating world of Trail Running. In January 2022, Aliya ventured into Pole fitness, a passion she's pursued every Wednesday for nearly 2 years!

Being active has profoundly transformed Aliya's life, both mentally and physically, as she thrives on meeting new people through various activities! Aliya is now also a Walk Leader, and is working toward becoming a Run Leader for the local Wigston and Oadby community.

Aliya's enthusiasm for staying active knows no bounds. She's discovered immense joy in fitness and can't imagine a day without some form of activity, whether it's a brisk walk, gym session, or a run. She frequently connects with like-minded individuals online and in person, organising activities like rock climbing, swimming, and other fitness adventures.

Over the past two years, Aliya has taken part in a variety of activities, including running, Crossfit, pole fitness, salsa, tai chi, and boxing, and she has thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of being involved in each one.

Aliya now wants to inspire and motivate other local residents throughout Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to start their fitness journey, and find an activity that suits their needs. It doesn't matter if you go for a gentle 20 minute stroll, or join a new fitness group with a friend, it's about giving something a go and having fun!

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