Active At Home

Lots of information and ideas on how to keep yourself healthy and active whilst staying at home or working from home.

Get & Stay Active At Home

Being active in a way that is right for you can improve your physical health, help manage stress and anxiety, and just generally make you feel better.

Moving more and keeping active plays a part in creating a healthy lifestyle.

There are many ways that we can still remain active in our homes. The information on this page will support you to move a little more at home whether that is home exercise classes, play sessions with the family, using an app or an outdoor walk.

Active Tots at Home

Lots of different activities can count towards children's daily physical activity total and one of the best environments for children to be active is at home.

It is important to remember that children are more likely to do physical activities if they see others doing so. You can encourage children to take part in activities by getting involved yourself.

Under 1s should be completing at least 30 minutes of exercise per day (tummy/floor time) - Start slowly and gradually build it into their routine!

Children, Young People & Families at Home

There are plenty of fun ways to keep the whole family active whilst everyone is at home. You can take part in workout videos, play games or get outside and explore your local environment and footpaths by either by running, walking or cycling! Keeping active as a family is great way to encourage children to be active as well as enjoying a great family experience! Why not print out our Activity Tracker to record your physical activity as a family!

Download our Activity Tracker

Track how active you are with the Activity Tracker.

Adults / Older Adults - aim to take part in 150 minutes of physical activity a week. This is also recommended for adults and older adults with disabilities.

Children & Young People (5-18 years old) - aim to take part in an average of 60 minutes physical activity a day.

Children & Young People (5-18 years old) with disabilities - aim to take part in an average of 20 minutes physical activity a day.

Under 5's - aim to take part in 3 hours physical activity a day

Adults & Older Adults

For adults and older adults exercising at home, this section has information on fall prevention exercises to moderate intensity home workouts.

To stay healthy or to improve health, adults, older adults aged 65 years and over, and adults with disabilities and over should aim for 150 minutes per week at a level that increases your breathing and heart rate. Don't forget to include strength and balance activities two times a week!