Opportunities to Volunteer

If you are an individual looking for new volunteering opportunities or simply want to find out more about volunteering, then this page will provide you with just that.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering work is an excellent way to get active and have fun, at the same time, it stands as a means to give back to society. In addition to getting you active and involved, there are several benefits to volunteering!

Professional Benefits

1) Networking: When you get to doing volunteering work with other like-minded individuals, it's more than likely you will make some new connections. Link up with them on social media, and you never know when they could guide you, inspire you, or even refer you to great working opportunities.

2) Add to your CV: voluntary work can be that added edge when you write your CV. Employers often seek out individuals with prior experience, and doing voluntary work is one of the best ways to rack up those experience points. The experiences you gain do much more; they shape your work personality.

3) Build personal and team-skills: You can develop a set of strengths and know your weaknesses when it comes to working. Additionally, in group volunteering programs you can also gain experience of working in a team- something that is a key in the corporate world and could give your CV that extra little boost it requires to get you the job!

Social Benefits

1) Make new friends or bring your own along! It is always a by-product of volunteering that you will meet, interact, and hopefully form new friendships with other individuals with similar interests to you! Alternatively, bring along your friends, family or associates to a volunteering opportunity and have a fun time doing some community work.

2) Community Bonding: One of the best things in life is to give back to the community you are in! how about by doing something fun and rewarding for some time?

Psychological Benefits

Volunteering can help your personal development in many ways. Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist, suggested that humans have needs that evolve gradually- from basic needs like food and shelter to more complex ones, the biggest being the need to become the best person you can be. Volunteering can help tick-off some of the higher ordered human needs- rounding off your personality- and getting you that much closer to being who you should be.

Belonging: By volunteering, you give back to your society and community, to make yourself feel like an active contributor to them. You meet, interact and work with people of all ages and backgrounds, building bonds of friendship and respect. Combined, these lead to you developing a sense of 'belonging' or togetherness.

Esteem: The skills you build while working, coupled with the training and the respect you build in the eyes of others coupled with immense personal development all work to build your self-esteem and belief in your skills and abilities.

Self-Actualizing: Put simply, it is becoming what one can be by using all their skills and creativity to unlock their latent talents. When you volunteer, you give yourself a chance to work out your personal skills and talent. A lot of opportunities bring with them additional training, but also have flexibility to bring your individual spark to the role. The more such opportunities you explore, the closer you get to unlocking your hidden genius.

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Learning & Training Opportunities

We have a number of learning opportunities to support your development and to help to create safe, welcoming, and enjoyable environments for all members and participants in sport and physical activity. These CPD opportunities are available to all Active Together volunteers as we want to invest in your further development.

If you would like a course to go ahead which currently isn't on offer, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can support this opportunity.