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About Clubszone

Holiday Activity Club for Children Aged 5-12 Years Old.

As we start the summer we hope the weather will be kind during our time at our summer activity club at Leicester Forest East.

The Clubszone team will be organising a summer of exciting days of activities to kick start the summer program.

Clubszone staff will keep all children involved in many activities throughout the day! The team will encourage all the children to try all the range of activities listed below;

Sports; Cricket, Tag Rugby, Tennis, Rounders, Football, DodgeBall, Basketball, Uni Hock, Netball.

Creative; Arts and Crafts, Spanish and French challenges!

Performing Arts; Dance, Drama, Singing

Clubszone Games; Capture the Flag, Splat, Sleeping Lions, Hide and Seek Tag and many more.

All questions can be answered on our About us page regarding which items your child needs to bring and all other details you may wish to know.

Come and Enjoy the FUN ;)

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