UK Coaching Week 2022

Posted: Tue, 7 Jun 2022 09:13

UK Coaching Week 2022

For this year's UK Coaching Week, UK coaching are launching their #Born2Coach campaign that aims to substantially increase the coaching workforce by sparking people's motivation and drive to become a coach, and empower those who already coach to advance their skills.

They will share information, advice and direction, including inspiring case studies and videos emphasising the essential characteristics and benefits of being a coach, and how you can uncover, develop, and capitalise on these traits to help you turn your passion into action.

Coaching has a critical role to play in helping the sport and physical activity sector recover lost momentum following the devastating consequences of the pandemic. Coaches encourage people to be more active, more often, and positively influence lives and communities by impacting on physical and mental well-being, as well as social and economic development.

UK Coaching want to build a coaching workforce that is representative of the population, capable of working across diverse communities, in multiple environments, and able to work to different outcomes.

To make this vision happen we all need to build a future where EVERYONE feels they can coach.

It is a simple equation: boost the number of coaches, and the motivation and ambition of our existing coaching workforce, and we will boost the health and happiness of the nation.

UK Coaching have partnered with some governing bodies of sport to provide deeper insight into the life of a coach, and what great coaching looks and feels like.

With the help of a network of physical activity and sports organisations they will empower existing coaches and recruit the next wave of coaches and help you go from good to great!

I Want To Coach: Find your calling to become a coach and show you how to positively utilise your unique combination of skills to benefit both you and your participants. Register an interest in becoming a coach in the sport you love by filling out our online form.

I Am A Coach: Rediscover your 'why' by exploring your purpose to help others and identify tools and strategies that will help you leave an indelible and positive impression on people's lives.

We Need Coaches: Do you work for an organisation in the physical activity or sport industry? (e.g. governing body of sport). This is YOUR opportunity to let potential coaches see you are on the lookout for more coaches.

(Source: UK Coaching)

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