£500 Active Together Funding for Kimberley House Riding for the Disabled

Posted: Tue, 30 May 2023 11:10

£500 Active Together Funding for Kimberley House Riding for the Disabled

Kimberley House Riding for the Disabled (RDA) has received a £500 grant from the Sport England Together Fund which has been managed locally by Active Together.

All members of the Kimberley House Group are aged between 10 and 16 years and attend Ash Field Academy in Leicester, a day and weekly boarding school for around 160 pupils who have a range of disabilities which can be combined with one or more needs of a sensory, communication, learning, medical or behavioural nature. Based at Witham Villa Equestrian Centre in Broughton Astley, up to 10 children attend weekly in term time, learning to ride and some basic horse care.

The grant has been used to purchase stirrup leathers and ladder reins. Formerly the stirrup leathers had to be adjusted to suit their leg length and foot size once mounted. This took time, so reducing riding time and could be difficult and uncomfortable because of the rider's disability. Each young person now has their own leathers and stirrups these can be attached to the saddle when the volunteers are tacking up and this means that they will be able to ride away immediately after mounting.

Due to some rider's disabilities such as only being able to use 1 hand we have purchased a set of ladder reins which make it easier for them to control their pony.

Sarah Smith from Kimberley House RDA said " This donation has made it possible for the group to purchase much needed equipment. Due to the Covid lockdown we were unable to meet with the children or to fundraise for the group. We are very grateful to Active Together and Sport England for the grant which has given the group a kickstart for its services".

Source & Image: Kimberley House Riding for the Disabled

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