Financial support available for local organisations to improve their Marketing needs

Posted: Fri, 8 Dec 2023 11:00

Financial support available for local organisations to improve their Marketing needs

Active Together is seeking to identify local groups and organisations who are supporting local residents improve their health and wellbeing and who would benefit from a marketing grant to support their promotional activities, whilst promoting the physical activity strapline of 'Let's Get Moving'.

Through the use of 'Let's Get Moving' messaging/strapline, help Active Together and partners broaden the reach of positive and consistent use of simple physical activity messaging. 'Let's Get Moving' is versatile and can be used by partners in multiple ways across digital and non-digital communications and materials. The Grant will also aim to help broaden our 'Let's Get Moving Champions' Programme.

Please note the fund is not for the delivery of physical activity, sport or wellbeing opportunities.

Ideas for the Grant / What the Grant could be spent on*

Brand Development

  • Improve your brand management:
    • flyer/social media graphic templates created with your branding and 'Let's Get Moving'.
    • current templates refreshed or improved with your branding and 'Let's Get Moving'.

Digital Marketing

Embed 'Let's Get Moving' messaging onto your website, social media activity (i.e. through use of graphics and #LetsGetMovingLLR or localised #LetsGetMovingHarborough etc.)

Boost your digital advertising and promotion, helping you to reach new audiences i.e. paid social media adverts, online adverts, with the inclusion of 'Let's Get Moving'.

Non-Digital Marketing

Support your non-digital marketing to help boost your exposure in key physical locations seen by your target audiences i.e. hard copy leaflets, flyers, posters and distribution options.

  • Creation or updating of hard-copy materials with your branding and 'Let's Get Moving'.
  • Looking at distribution options such as leaflet drops into local homes within your community.
  • Support you to improve your merchandise/equipment/other physical promotional tools to give you greater exposure i.e. pens, goodies, sport/physical activity equipment, banners etc.

*Please note: The above are ideas on how the grant can support you and you will need to source the work required i.e. graphic design for flyers/social media graphics, suppliers for merchandise or distribution channels. However Active Together can provide guidance where required.


The application window will be open from Monday 20th November-Tuesday 2nd January 2024. Due to staff leave, please submit any queries by Friday 22nd December.

Applications will be accessed and feedback given during January 2024. The activation of the grant can take place as soon as your grant has been agreed, however it must be completed within 3 months of receiving the grant.

Guidance Notes

Who we will award Grants to

- Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland groups and organisations who are supporting residents with their physical and mental wellbeing. This does include Schools and private organisations.

- Groups/Organisations do not necessarily have to be delivering any physical activity/sport but who are supporting their community with their overall wellbeing.

This grant is designed to help grassroot community-based groups and organisations working with their local residents.

Applicant Expectations

If you are successful:

Let's Get Moving Champions: As part of the grant, we ask that you identify at least one potential 'Let's Get Moving Champions' and their inspirational story from within your group/organisation or local community. Whilst also helping to support the promotion of the current Champions and their inspiring stories.

Update Session: Attend an update session to learn about 'Let's Get Moving' and the detail behind the grant, on Tuesday 6th February 2024 (evening, time TBC).

Let's Get Moving Supporter's Hub: The 'Let's Get Moving Supporter's Hub' has all the content you need ready to share with your members i.e. Champion content, themed social media messaging, Health Hub, Campaign content etc.

Weave the 'Let's Get Moving' messaging into the messaging of your opportunities across your digital platforms i.e. website, social media platforms.

  • 1) All applicants will be supported to utilise the Let's Get Moving strapline/messaging on their marketing and promotional materials/graphics and relevant files/logos will be provided to you upon request.
  • 2) All applicants will be requested to update us on how you have utilised the grant on the marketing and promotional activity indicated in your application and visuals may be requested.
  • 3) All applicants will be asked to submit a case study evidencing how you embedded Let's Get Moving into their marketing and promotional activity.

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