12-day Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing for Leicestershire learners Free for job-seekers & self-employed

Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 2024 09:56

12-day Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing for Leicestershire learners Free for job-seekers & self-employed

Apply now for grant-funded skills bootcamps in digital marketing,
for learners & employers based in Leicestershire

Anicca Digital is excited to launch its next 12-day Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing, starting on 13th March 24 for learners and employers in the Leicestershire area, leading to a Level 5 qualification from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI):

  • Proven success: Since January 2022, Anicca Digital has delivered 12 bootcamps and empowered over 600 learners based in the East Midlands, East Anglia and Liverpool City to boost their career or business with new skills in digital marketing.
  • Inclusive learning leading to a formal qualification: No matter your current expertise, our bootcamp is designed to guide you through the core digital marketing techniques, developing new skills that will enhance your career prospects or help business growth. Anicca's bootcamp stands out as the only Level 5 Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing in the UK with the option of taking the DMI Qualification (Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing).
  • Support for all types of learners: On completion of the 12-week course, all job-seekers are guaranteed a job interview. Business and career support is provided to self-employed and employers, including completing a Training Needs Analysis and Business Plan, to help them apply their learning to grow their business, and/or enhance their career.
  • Grant-funded places: Thanks to funding from the Department of Education, part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, there are 70-100% grants available, with job-seekers and self-employed getting the course for free.

Applications are open now for the next course starting in March 2024.

Grants and funding

The funding is from the Department of Education (DfE); as part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs.

Below is a breakdown of the costs for different types of learners:

a) Job-seekers – Learners looking for a job or an apprenticeship – Free place

This includes the following groups:

  • Unemployed
  • Recent graduates
  • Working part-time or on zero-hours contracts
  • Recently lost employment or income
  • Want to return to work following redundancy, health issues, childcare etc.

b) Self-employed learners or sole traders – Free place

These learners can join the programme for FREE, as they will receive 100% grant funding for the course and the cost of the DMI exam. However, you will need to complete an additional Training Needs Analysis form and provide evidence of how you have applied your learnings to grow your business.

c) Learners who are currently employed
For the current project, full-time employees will need to get permission from their employer, as their company will be required to make a contribution to the cost of the course and allow you to take 1 day a week off to attend the live lesson. On successful completion of the course, they also need to intend to reward you with career progression, such as a promotion or pay rise.

d) Employers that want to train their existing staff

Employers will receive up to a 90% grant towards the cost of the course and the DMI exam.

  • Leicestershire SMEs businesses with less than 250 employees – only pay 10% contribution (£300 +VAT)
  • Larger Leicestershire businesses, with more than 250 employees, pay 30% contribution (£900 +VAT)
  • Employers must be prepared to give the learner one day off per week to study and be prepared to reward their staff with career progression (such as a promotion or pay rise), on their successful completion of the course
  • They will also have a 1-2-1 session with our employer liaison office to help them complete the Organisation Skills Analysis form and/or Business Plan.

Find out more: Free & Grant-Funded 12-Day Digital Skills Bootcamps in Leicestershire (anicca.co.uk)

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