Summer Festival

The School Games Summer Festival took place on Thursday 27th June 2024.

Athletes light up the Leicester-Shire & Rutland School Games Summer Festival

The School Games Summer Festival returned to Loughborough University on Thursday 27th June 2024. The event saw over 750 young people from across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland come together and take part in a range of County Finals.

The day started with a fun warm-up of Drumba in Shirley Pearce Square, where a select number of athletes from each district enjoyed an innovative drumming based fitness session in front of the rest of the participants.

The Festival saw the return of the 'Inspire Celebration Carousel' for a second year, with more activities and more participants than ever before. The Inspire Carousel provided non-competitive participation opportunities at an appropriate level for young people, inspiring a positive relationship with movement and physical activity leading to lifelong participation. Schools were identified by their local School Sports and Physical Activity Network through their engagement in local participation programmes.

Matt Hackfath, the Sport Development Officer at Active Together that organised the event, went on to say:

The event has been a huge success, as well as all of young people who have taken part in our competitive County Finals, we've had the highest ever number of young people participating in our Inspire Celebration Carousel, which recognises the achievements of young people who have developed a positive relationship with physical activity throughout the year. Having this opportunity to experience a wide range of less traditional activities has hopefully inspired many young people to be physically active and move more for years to come!

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to experience a carousel of engaging and exciting activities such as Drumba and Disc Golf; a fun and inclusive sport offering a relaxed experience for all abilities. Examples of further activities include Quidditch, Kin-ball, Axe-Throwing, Soft Archery & Martial Arts.

There were County Finals in Hockey, Netball, Sportsability and Quadkids Athletics, where the young people athletes were competing to be crowned the Leicester-Shire & Rutland Champion in their particular competition.

During the Closing Ceremony, as well as some teams being crowned County Champions – ALL teams were also competing for the 'Spirit of the Games' Award in every event – for team's best representing the 'School Games Values' of Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Self-Belief, and Teamwork.

School Games Summer Festival Results

Bee Netball

  1. Oadby & Wigston
  2. Rutland
  3. North Charnwood
  4. Hinckley & Bosworth
  5. Blaby & Harborough
  6. East Leicester
  7. Melton / West Leicester
  8. North West Leicestershire

Spirit of the Games Winner = Melton & Belvoir


  1. North Charnwood
  2. Melton & Belvoir
  3. Rutland
  4. Hinckley & Bosworth / Blaby & Harborough
  5. East Leicester
  6. West Leicester

Spirit of the Games Winner = Hinckley & Bosworth

Quicksticks Hockey

  1. North Charnwood
  2. Rutland
  3. Melton
  4. North West Leicestershire
  5. Hickley & Bosworth
  6. West Leicester
  7. East Leicester
  8. South Charnwood
  9. Oadby Wigston / Blaby & Harborough

Spirit of the Games Winner = Rutland

Quadkids Athletics Y3/4

  1. North West Leicestershire
  2. West Leicester
  3. Hinckley & Bosworth
  4. South Charnwood
  5. East Leicester
  6. Rutland
  7. Blaby & Harborough
  8. North Charnwood

Spirit of the Games Winner = South Charnwood

Quadkids Athletics Y5/6

  1. Hinckley & Bosworth
  2. North West Leicestershire
  3. Rutland
  4. East Leicester
  5. West Leicester
  6. North Charnwood
  7. Melton & Belvoir
  8. Blaby & Harborough
  9. South Charnwood

Spirit of the Games Winner = East Leicester

Inspire Celebration Carousel Y3/4

Spirit of the Games Winner = Oadby & Wigston

Inspire Celebration Carousel Y5/6

Spirit of the Games Winner = East Leicester

Throughout the 2023/24 School Games Programme, the School Sport & Physical Activity Networks (SSPANs) have been gaining points on the School Games Medals Table. The culmination of this and the Summer Festival, resulted in the 2023/24 Partnership Winners being announced…

2023/24 Partnership School Games Champions: East Leicester

2023/24 Partnership Spirit of the Games Champions: East Leicester

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