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Bhangra Fusion Fitness is a cardio workout programme with a difference. Using a combination of traditional bhangra moves and bolly themed routines, members get a great fun energetic way to stay active and fit. Classes are for adults and children.

I grew up dancing to Bhangra and Bollywood music since I was a child dancing to the sound of the dhol and the rhythm - you can say i was born to dance!! When the music used to play, i found myself often transformed into another level where i became this free spirit with no care in the world of whose watching. It made me happy, blissful, confident, powerful, energetic all captured into this one moment!Many years later, married for 15 years and now mum to 5 beautiful children, life has allowed me to rekindle the passion of Bhangra and Bollywood dance. The opportunity i had with Bhangrablaze was a god send and has encouraged me to lead a healthier lifestyle for both me and my family.I started out with Bhangrablaze about a year ago and I knew this was meant for me and became an instructor in Spring 2019. BhangraBlaze is a dance fitness programme designed by combining traditional bhangra style dance moves into an amazing calorie blazing fitness workout.2019 brought so many opportunities to help share my enthusiasm and passion for dance and help make a difference how ever big or small to so many women (and men) who like me want to become a better version of themselves. Many have said that they have found themselves again, improved their coordination, boosted their confidence, increased their energy levels and also helped with reduces their stress and anxiety levels. It is also a fun way to tone your body and lose weight. Members have lost a dress size, others have actually helped improve their flexibility and joints.2019 also provided me with opportunities to share my classes within the community including BAME groups, networking with local sports alliances and schools and community groups. I was awarded an Healthy Lifestyle Award for North West Leicestershire and also awarded Service to the Community by Leicester Mercury Sports Awards.Bhangrablaze gives me the best of both worlds: rekindle the passion i have for dance and also the cardio fitness that comes with it - what a great combination!Lockdown in 2020 during these unprecedented time, life found me with an opportunity to make my fitness workout programme my own and BHANGRAFUSION was born. Now i am working on a range of classes for everyone which includes those with limited mobility, ladies only classes, Fusion HITT, BollyFusion, Bhangra Fitness, Fusion Beats, all using the same traditional bhangra style dance moves that you all love and much more.I can offer 1-2-1 tuition to help you show yourself off at any party or on the dance floor as well as offering workout programmes to the local community and children schemes. Its all about embracing the energy, staying active, maintaining your overall mental and physical well being and wow people at the transformation we make together to a better more confident you. BHANGRAFUSION is where bhangra & Fitness collide...You spend 23 hours of the day on the world, but for that one free!!!

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