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Employment & Life Skills Mentor

Crucial to breaking the cycle of reoffending, the Foundation has secured funding to launch a new employment and life skills project, which will look to build on a strong track record of work delivered at HMP New Hall.

Kirklees, HD2 1YY
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Kat Clarke
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Huddersfield Town Foundation ('HTF')

About Employment & Life Skills Mentor

The successful candidate for this new role will manage, coordinate, and deliver the project. Funded by the Triangle Trust, they will use a Sport 4 Development approach to provide qualifications, voluntary opportunities, and employment pathways to young women within HMP New Hall, as well as young people referred by the local authority's Youth Justice Service.

This project will address unemployment, opportunities to achieve qualifications, develop skills and improve confidence, resilience, and self-esteem in three settings; in prison and in the community leaving prison as well as supporting young people referred by the Youth Justice Service.

For more information please click - https://www.htafcfoundation.com/2024/05/22/foundation-looking-to-expand-its-staff-team/