Leicester City - Consultation launched on Draft Leicester Transport Plan and Workplace Parking Levy

Posted: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 15:21

Leicester City - Consultation launched on Draft Leicester Transport Plan and Workplace Parking Levy

Consultation launched on Draft Leicester Transport Plan and Workplace Parking Levy

A public consultation on a new Draft Leicester Transport Plan which sets out the Council's transport vision, ambitions and priorities for the city over the next 15 years has been launched. The council is also exploring the potential role a workplace parking levy could play in supporting delivery of the transport plan and initial thinking is also being consulted on.

The draft plan proposes a big step forward for public transport, cycling and walking in the city. It focuses on three main areas: developing connected main transport corridors and stations, improving transport within local neighbourhoods and managing demand for car use.

The plan sets out transport ambitions over the period to 2036:

  • 100% zero emission vehicles
  • More people regularly working from home and more responsible use of cars for necessary trips only
  • Public transport, park and ride, cycling or personal e-mobility will be the first choice for longer journeys for most people.
  • Active transport, cycling and walking will be the first choice for shorter journeys for most people
  • A thriving, accessible city centre that is easy to move around in and supports economic growth in the whole city
  • Healthier neighbourhoods, aiming for all local services to be available by walking or cycling within 15 minutes, with cleaner air and a safer local environment
  • A rush-hour free city, gradually managing traffic to reduce peak hour demands

Key transport plan projects include:

  • 'Greenlines' cross city public transport network

The development of a high quality zero-emission express 'Greenlines' bus transport network. A first phase has recently seen the introduction of 11 new electric buses on the city's three park and ride sites.

  • Active Travel – Cycling and Walking

The expansion of existing infrastructure to deliver a world class citywide network of safe and attractive routes to meet the growing demand for walking and cycling across Leicester. This will build on the Connecting Leicester work already carried out to create extensive walking and cycling routes and the launch of the Santander Cycles Leicester scheme, which includes 500 electric bikes for hire.

  • Leicester Railway Station Transformation

The transformation of Leicester Railway Station to deliver high quality passenger facilities and a fit for purpose regional rail hub. Investment in the railway station is a key element of city centre economic recovery plans, helping to create jobs and encourage further investment.

Initial thinking on the potential role of a future Workplace Parking Levy to help deliver key transport projects in Leicester is also outlined in a partner consultation document to the Local Transport Plan. Following this initial stage of consultation a formal consultation on a detailed Workplace Parking Levy business case is expected later this year.

We are keen to hear from you and the consultation will close on Friday 17th September 2021.

To view the documents and take part in the online consultation, please visit: https://consultations.leicester.gov.uk

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