Living a recharged Ramadan!

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 09:00

Living a recharged Ramadan!

It's time to recharge your Ramadan in 2023!

The blessed month of Ramadan is nearly upon us, and with it brings a time of reflection, introspection and healing. Ramadan Recharge has been developed to help people stay active during Ramadan, so that those taking part can increase their focus and energy throughout the month while feeling more connected in prayers, worship and fasting.

By doing some activity every day throughout Ramadan, you can emerge 'recharged' at the end of it, and live a more active, healthier and happier life throughout the rest of the year!

With Ramadan officially starting on Wednesday 22nd March, here are some tips to help you prepare and stay active throughout the month:

Maintain - Focus on an activity that you already do, instead of trying new or intense workouts or routines

Keep it simple - Include some activity in your own daily routine and space, rather than trying to find new ones

Little but often - Doing some activity every day is beneficial. Don't tire yourself with one big session

All activity counts - Many household chores such as cleaning & gardening count as physical activity, so make sure to include this into your day to day routine.

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