How to Recharge your Ramadan this month

Posted: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 09:00

How to Recharge your Ramadan this month

Ramadan has officially started, and so here are some top tips and information to help you 'recharge' and safely stay actively throughout this 30 day period of reflection.

How can I stay active throughout Ramadan?

Time limitation, low energy levels and a lack of motivation are common challenges for everyone, when it comes to being active. During Ramadan, participants may feel these challenges too, as food intake and sleep patterns change.

In order to safely stay active, activities should be paced and regular rests undertaken to avoid reduced energy levels and dehydration.

When is the best time to be active in Ramadan?

During Ramadan, some prefer to fit in activity in the last hour before iftar (fast breaking), while others ti in a workout after having a light iftar.

Another way of 'making up' the 30 minutes of recommended active time is to fit in shorter 'bouts' of activity in your daily routine, such as midday walks or general household chores.

Recharge your Ramadan with everyday activity

Living a recharged and active Ramadan may seem tricky, but many daily activities can be slightly changed to become more active.

  1. Catch up with family by spending time outdoors
  2. Walk to the mosque for salah (prayers)
  3. Share household responsibilities (cooking, cleaning etc.) to free up time for activity

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