Let's Get Moving- Making the Case

Date Published
Dec 2022
Active Together
Document Type
Climate, Economy, Health, Planning, Wellbeing
COVID-19 Recovery, Economic Impact, Health & Wellbeing*, Infrastructure & Travel*, Physical Activity, Physical Inactivity, Social & Community*, Strategy & Policy, Under Represented Groups*, Workforce*, Workplace Health
Sub Themes
Physical Health, Planning, Deprivation, Ethnically Diverse Communities, Disability, Females, LGBT+, Lower socio-economic groups, Males, Specific Conditions, Young People
Geographic Area
Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland*
This document provides headline facts for physical activity linked with the following areas: Population Trends, Inequalities and Participation, Health and Wellbeing, Climate, Planning and the Economy.

As part as the work of Let's Get Moving, we want to support the use of consistent physical activity messaging across Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland.

As you will be aware, there are multiple statistics / facts / statements which we can use to promote physical activity, however, this also means that we may also be using slightly different versions, as may our partners, and therefore this may cause some confusion.

To try and overcome this, we have developed the 'Let's Get Moving: Making the Case' document which provides headline facts for physical activity linked the following areas:

  • Population Trends
  • Inequalities and Participation
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Climate
  • Planning
  • Economy