Ramadan Recharge

Supporting communities to stay active in Ramadan and beyond.

Thank you for supporting Ramadan Recharge, join us again next year!

Ramadan is expected to begin the evening of Wednesday 22nd March, subject to moonsighting, and end on Friday 21st April.

Ramadan Recharge was originally developed by Samin Mughal from Loughborough Female Fitness to support those who observe Ramadan to continue to move during this period or to consider their activity levels and include moving more when setting their goals for the coming year.

In 2023/1444 AH, the Ramadan Recharge campaign is a cross-county collaboration between community organisations, such as Loughborough Female Fitness, Active Charnwood, Evergreen collective and Active Partnerships - ourselves Active Together (Leicester-Shire & Rutland), Active Derbyshire & Active Notts.

Ramadan Recharge is about building whatever movement is right for each person into their day to support their physical and mental health during this important time.

'Ramadan Recharge' has been developed to help people stay active during Ramadan, so they can increase their focus and energy during this blessed month while feeling more connected in their prayers, worship and fasting.

By doing some activity every day throughout this month, people can emerge fully 'recharged' at the end of it, and live more active, healthier and happier lives, throughout the rest of the year, insha'Allah (God willing).