Blog Post: Paige Murray - 2019 has made an IMPACT!

Posted: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 17:30

Blog Post: Paige Murray - 2019 has made an IMPACT!

In my last post I said I was ready for this year and that I was beyond those many mazes, but I have come to the conclusion that life is one continuing maze, that brings challenges, adventures and anything else along the way. Whichever way I look at it, I don't think I was prepared for what life has presented me over the past six months.

January brought the start of new beginnings, I was ecstatic to welcome new employment at the Matt Hampson Foundation, Get Busy Living! Centre. I am in awe on a daily basis. To work in such an incredible facility, situated in beautiful surroundings and be fortunate enough to work with a fabulous team supporting our beneficiaries, the very purpose of the Foundation and being amazed by the volume of people wanting to raise funds for us. It is a real privilege. To gain employment has been quite a mission over the years, in the first instance I faced negativity and I was genuinely shocked by attitudes of some that assumed I wasn't capable or expected to work, because of this, I have always been mindful to approach every job with extra positivity and been open to voluntary experiences prior to getting my first wage slip. It has been somewhat of an effort but something I am proud of as it has led me to a role that doesn't feel like work. It's an indescribable feeling and I am grateful to have such opportunity!

A world away from the work life balance, that has previously compromised aspirations and dreams. I am unable to predict what life will present me with however, work is now an anchor of stability complementing the very person I am and who I strive to be. Settled into not only my work but new home, I realised something was missing… The one thing that has always been a constant joy, "My Athletics Adventure" wasn't right, I was lost! In reflection I had felt this way for some time before the new year yet other circumstances were masking this. I was racking my brains, for some understanding asking myself question after question. I seemed to be experiencing a mental block physically reversing the clock back six years. With this my anxiety heightened, overwhelmed with the complacency. My mindset knocked I was going round in circles on and off the track… definitely not where I intended nor wanted to be. Convinced this year's track season was going to be over before the start gun had sounded. I embarked on the Coventry Half Marathon at the end of March never racing over this distance before. It was great minus a few unwanted technicalities with my racing chair, it was a tricky course…That aside I stayed upright accomplishing the course in 1 hour 52 minutes 28 seconds!

My inner athlete somewhat frustrated and lost for too long but one thing I have been reminded of in my time working for the Foundation. "OMNIA CAUSA FIUNT" – Everything happens for a reason. That behind me now knowing in my heart I have so much more to give. One new beginning bought another. I have taken a LEAP! A LEAP of faith a new approach, a new coach. A tough decision that was far from easy. Leaving my coach of six years, thankful for all his support, guidance and knowledge over these years, delighted to remain a Coventry Godiva Harrier, with the door left open to use the Wheelchair Racing Academy facilities. For now I am enjoying training in various environments. The right decision. I am smiling again! And with smiles comes excitement, for this fresh new beginning.

Next on my agenda London Vitality 10,000 eagerly awaiting that Clackson sound, hoping I wouldn't jump as it went off. What an atmosphere, it was amazing! 38 minutes and 41 seconds later that finish line crossed. A new PB over the 10k distance. My smile brightened even more so. It was brilliant to be happy! This the start of my improved mindset, my motivation back and here to stay. Training feeling miles better, everything falling into place, I am no longer lost, here I am. I am me again.

Away from training I have been super busy in addition to my work at the Foundation, rewind eighteen months I began the Princes Trust Enterprise programme at a time when I was shortly unemployed. This work has been ongoing since then and this month brought a phenomenal opportunity for me to meet the President and Founder of The Prince's Trust, HRH The Prince of Wales, in London for an event celebrating the Enterprise Programme. Attending the event as a Young Ambassador the experience sparked greater enthusiasm to push to get my business plan complete ready to present to panel next month. My involvement with the Trust adds another dimension to my maze, providing focus and drive when I was working to overcome those challenges I have faced.

Back in my racing chair again I successfully completed my second Half Marathon this time at Heyford Airbase, Oxfordshire. Far too many arrows and cones with a few pitstops I was feeling somewhat confused. Never the less it was flat and generally enjoyable, pleased to achieve a time of 1.22.15!

My happiness continues and I am thankful to be loving training move than ever…"

(Blog from Paige Murray, who is a T34 wheelchair athlete.)

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