Introducing our new Let's Get Moving Champion, Laura!

Posted: Wed, 19 Oct 2022 11:00

Introducing our new Let's Get Moving Champion, Laura!

For Laura, being active means everything. She has been involved in physical activity from an early age, and tries to be active as much as she can.

In 2019, Laura was involved in a major car accident, which left her with multiple injuries and psychological trauma, preventing her from being active. The following year however, Laura realised that life was too short to be negative, and decided to change her lifestyle and outlook on life.

Throughout lockdown, Laura took it upon herself to help her local community improve their physical and mental wellbeing. She organised socially-distance dance sessions in the street, bringing joy to her community through tough times via physical activity.

Laura uses physical activity to help her recover from her physical injuries, as well as improving her mental health. Despite the barriers she faced, Laura never gave up, and now wants to give back to local communities throughout Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, putting smiles on people's faces via exercise.

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