Women and girls cricket success at Broomleys Cricket Club

Posted: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 12:00

Women and girls cricket success at Broomleys Cricket Club

Broomleys Cricket Club provides all of it players an inclusive and fun environment to play cricket. In 2023, the club became supporters of the LLR Girls Can programme, which aims to support women and girls across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to get more active in ways right for them.

One of the club's aims was to, for the second year, host a community event which would bring together 8 different local teams to not only improve the physical health of the women and girls invited, but assist the continued development of the teams.

Angelique Pendrill (Captain of Broomleys Cricket Club) and Tracy McAllister commented:

"On Sunday 13th August 2023 Broomleys Cricket Club held a Women's and Girls festival.

Broomleys pride themselves on being an inclusive club. We wanted to open our doors to promote cricket to all ages and abilities along with enhancing the game of women and girls cricket. We welcomed teams from different counties - Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

The whole day was geared up to have lots of fun, fun, fun! Ranging from playing some fabulous cricket, gaining lots of tips and advice, learning new skills and making new friendships and gaining support while enjoying time with lightminded people. We had a BBQ, charity stall for 'Children with Cancer 'which raised £130.32, and cake stalls to raise funds for the club and raffles.

This event was greatly supported by LLR- Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland - Girls Can, by them providing the event with T-shirts, drink bottles and medals along with sponsorship towards the event and new equipment to enhance the game further.

This event was enjoyed by Geddington Kites from Lincolnshire, Cavalier and Carrington from Nottinghamshire, Keyworth from Nottinghamshire and Broomleys from Leicestershire. An additional team was made up of players, new and old from all teams taking part allowing everyone to be involved and enjoy the day of cricket.

This event was thoroughly enjoyed by players and spectators alike and the teams have requested they would love to be involved with a Broomley's Women's and Girls festival in the summer of 2024.

Cavaliers and Carrington quoted 'They have really enjoyed this festival , its inclusive and a positive atmosphere for their young girls to experience'

Keyworth quoted and expressed 'They had enjoyed the day so much they would welcome and it would be a pleasure to have a pre-season friendly'.

This festival has been a positive experience for all and has given the younger teams a platform to develop and enhance their skills. Along with allowing them to think about how to develop their game individually and as a team.

Thank you for supporting this event"

We are excited to continue working with Broomleys Cricket Club and are looking forward to seeing what they have in store for 2024!

Women and girls cricket success at Broomleys Cricket Club

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