GO GOLD Athlete in the Spotlight: Lauren Henry

Posted: Mon, 09 Jul 2018 10:00

GO GOLD Athlete in the Spotlight: Lauren Henry

Rowing Athlete Lauren Henry mentions her preferences to makes up her winning formula on her journey in the British Indoor Rowing Championships.

1. What is your favourite TV series?

I don't actually watch that much TV (I don't really have much time!!) but my favourite thing to watch is the Rowing World Cups.

2. What is your go to pre training snack?

Definitely fruit!! Probably bananas are my favourite but I will eat any fruit in the house really. My favourite post training snack is chocolate milk, I always have it!!

3. Which do you prefer, Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram, because I don't really use Twitter that much.

4. What made you pick your sport?

My twin sister started rowing, so after a few months of her doing it, I decided to have a go. Much like every other sport I ever did, I was rubbish. I didn't really enjoy it much either. But I moved to another club, caught the rowing bug and started training really hard, and realised that actually once I had got fit, I had massive natural physical ability for rowing and now I love it more than anything else.

5. What would be your ideal holiday?

I would go on a warm weather training camp over a holiday any day!

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