JUST South Leicestershire - Get involved in 2023!

Posted: Thu, 19 Jan 2023 09:25

JUST South Leicestershire - Get involved in 2023!

What is JUST?

JUST is a physical activity programme that provides the opportunity for women of all ages and abilities to get involved in a range of physical activity sessions across South Leicestershire.

For 2023, JUST will run for 9 weeks between 23rd January - 26th March. During this time, you will have the opportunity to attend a large selection of local classes, with everything from Zumba to Tennis on offer!

Why get involved?

As an all-female team, JUST understands how daunting it can feel to start getting involved in regular physical activity. From being nervous to attend your first exercise class, to being unsure about what kind of activity you might enjoy, there are plenty of barriers that prevent people from being more active. Therefore, with this in mind, the JUST programme was created in order to support and empower local women to overcome these barriers, helping them to get more active and embrace new activities - together!

You don't have to be sporty or even have attended an exercise class before to take part, as the programme is for everyone, of any age and ability. Taking part in JUST 2023 is the perfect chance for you to take your first steps into being more active this new year, with the 9 week programme giving you the chance to try out the range of amazing activities on offer. On top of that, research has found that 9 weeks is the average time needed for a habit to be formed, meaning you are more likely to carry on being active after the programme has finished!

Source and Image: JUST South Leicestershire

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