Tell us what your local park has meant to you this year

Posted: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 15:48

Tell us what your local park has meant to you this year

Fields In Trust are collaborating with parkrun UK and inviting everyone to share their views on the many ways you have all enjoyed local parks and green spaces throughout 2020.

For many, this year has signified that our local parks are #notjust the green patches in our communities but that they are so much more, serving as natural retreats and places to have fun.

Even throughout multiple lockdowns they have served as a place for you to go and be #ActiveTogether to stay socially connected with friends and family, whilst remaining safe and distanced. They have also enabled the space for individuals to get active 'my way', as they are different things to different people, but most importantly have signified how beneficial these local green spaces are for everyone's physical and mental wellbeing.

The Trust, therefore, would like to know how you have been using and valuing your local park and green spaces this year and how potentially it is not just a park to you!

Through our 'Active Together' initiative perhaps you have found your own unique way to use your local park that has helped you through this challenging period, so why not get involved and share your stories with the Field in Trust Charity to ensure we protect our local spaces moving forward.

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