Feeling inspired by a fantastic weekend of sport?

Posted: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:00

Feeling inspired by a fantastic weekend of sport?

This weekend saw two great sporting events draw to a close with EURO 2020 and the Wimbledon Championships finishing in style. These events have kicked off what is set out to be a fantastic summer of sport with the Tour de France already underway and Tokyo 2020 just around the corner.

Did England making the EURO 2020 final for the first time EVER inspire you to get to your local park and have a kick around? Did seeing the tennis and wheelchair tennis make you want to dust off the racket and get on court? Perhaps you have never tried these sports and fancy giving them a go.

If you're feeling inspired and want to know how to get involved and get Active Together- look no further, let's get moving!

Our Parks and Open Spaces search engine will help you to find the perfect outdoor spot to participate. So if you're looking for somewhere to have a kick around with your mates or a rally with your tennis partner this summer- simply enter your postcode and find what's around your way!

Our Get Active Search Engine will help you to find clubs, groups and activity sessions close to you! Simply enter your postcode and the sport you are looking for and find one suited to you.

Our My Way and Active Inspiration pages will give you inspiration, hints and tips on how to get active outdoors whether that is to channel your inner Mark Cavendish and explore on your bike or mix up your next leisurely stroll.

Feeling inspired by a fantastic weekend of sport?

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