Positive Pause - February's Successful Events!

Posted: Mon, 7 Mar 2022 15:20

Positive Pause - February's Successful Events!

Due to the pandemic our Positive Pause Events moved to a virtual offer, and with restrictions now eased we have been able to move back to delivering some face to face events! We recently partnered with Loughborough Foxes to deliver an event for their extended club members, for example mums & aunties of the juniors! We adapted this event and split it across two weeks to fit in time with the drop offs of the girls. This meant we removed the time barrier for the mums and it was also convenient as they would be there anyway with their daughters, so it was a great oppourtunity for us to engage with new women, and help them on their journey either preparing for or living through the menopause! A spokesperson from the club said:

"It has been fantastic to see the girls being dropped off and the mums heading into the classroom to learn something so important, and we are proud as a club to offer this to our parents, so thank you to Active Together for partnering with us and putting this on! The feedback has been great and we can't wait to do more in the future to help our parents on such important subjects."

Thursday 3rd March was our evening event at The King Power Stadium as we partnered with Leicester City in the Community (LCitC). We managed to kick off this talk with a 15 minute physical activity session as the women enjoyed a dance to music session! This was followed by a fantastic talk by Clare on the health and nutrition elements to improving menopausal symptoms! Sarah Jones from LCiTC worked hard in the build up to the event to target a variety of community groups, allowing us to deliver an event which engaged with a diverse range of communities and cultures, which we are extremely happy with!

When asked 'What was your favourite part of the session?' one lady answered,

"How knowledgeable Clare was about the subject - every question was answered with a great explanation and she catered wonderfully for all of the different cultures in the room."

For more information on our Positive Pause events please contact Leandra Whelband via email; l.whelband@active-together.org

Positive Pause - February's Successful Events!

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