School Games Summer Festival - Success in the Sun

Posted: Mon, 10 Jul 2023 10:05

School Games Summer Festival - Success in the Sun

The School Games Summer Festival returned to Loughborough University on Thursday 29th June.

Over 500 young people across over 40 schools throughout Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland came to take part in a range of competitive and non-competitive school sport and physical activity opportunities.

County Finals were held for Hockey, Netball, Sportsability and Quadkids Athletics. The young athletes were also able to enjoy a selection of participation activities, including the Inspire Celebration Carousel, which involved Skipping/Jump rope, Dance, Urban Rebounding and Martial Arts, as well as enjoying the Inspire Celebration Disc Golf.

An addition to this year was the new 'All Stars' Team, which was made up from the Leicestershire Virtual School, which is a local authority service whose role is to improve the education of children in care.

The Opening Ceremony kicked off the festival with all the young people being invited to join the squad Parade around the Athletics Track. The athletes did a lap of the track whilst wearing their Team colours and waving their Team flags, representing their district with pride!

The Parade was followed by Reema Bhakri from Bhangra Fusion, who led the mass warm-up with a signature dance routine to get the athletes smiling and moving before the day ahead.

A fantastic effort was shown by all, ranging from the young people participating and the young leaders and volunteers who supported the festival.

During the Closing Ceremony, as well as some teams being crowned County Champions – ALL teams are also competing for the 'Spirit of the Games' Award in every event – for team's best representing the 'School Games Values' of Determination, Honesty, Passion, Respect, Self-Belief, and Teamwork. The Ceremony was supported by Ben Higgins, GB Athlete and Men's 400m UK Indoor Champion.

School Games Summer Festival Results

Quadkids Athletics – Year 3 / 4 Standings:

  1. Hinckley & Bosworth
  2. Blaby & Harborough
  3. North Charnwood
  4. Rutland
  5. North West Leicestershire
  6. West Leicester
  7. South Charnwood
  8. Melton & Belvoir
  9. Oadby & Wigston
  10. East Leicester

Spirit of the Games Winner – Blaby & Harborough

Quadkids Athletics – Year 5 / 6: Standings

  1. North West Leicestershire
  2. East Leicester
  3. Rutland
  4. North Charnwood
  5. Melton & Belvoir
  6. West Leicester
  7. Hinckley & Bosworth
  8. Blaby & Harborough
  9. South Charnwood
  10. Oadby & Wigston

Spirit of the Games Winner – West Leicester

Quicksticks Hockey Year 5/6 Standings:

  1. West Leicester
  2. Blaby & Harborough
  3. Oadby & Wigston
  4. Hinckley & Bosworth
  5. North Charnwood
  6. Rutland
  7. South Charnwood
  8. Melton & Belvoir
  9. North West Leicestershire

Spirit of the Games Winner – Blaby & Harborough

Bee Netball Year 5/6 Standings:

  1. Blaby & Harborough
  2. East Leicester
  3. Melton & Belvoir
  4. North Charnwood
  5. Hinckley & Bosworth
  6. Rutland
  7. North West Leicestershire
  8. Oadby & Wigston
  9. West Leicester
  10. South Charnwood

Spirit of the Games Winner – North Charnwood

Sportsability Key Stage 2 Pan Disability Standings:

  1. Hinckley & Bosworth
  2. North Charnwood
  3. Oadby & Wigston
  4. Melton & Belvoir
  5. South Charnwood
  6. Blaby & Harborough
  7. Rutland

Spirit of the Games Winner – Blaby & Harborough


Inspire Celebration Carousel

Year 3 / 4 Spirit of the Games Winner – North Charnwood
Year 5 / 6 Spirit of the Games Winner – East Leicester

Inspire Celebration Disc Golf

Year 3 / 4 Spirit of the Games Winner – Oadby & Wigston
Year 5 / 6 Spirit of the Games Winner – Blaby & Harborough

Throughout the 2022/23 School Games Programme, the School Sport & Physical Activity Networks (SSPANs) have been gaining points on the School Games Medals Table. The culmination of this and the Summer Festival, resulted in the 2022/23 Partnership Winners being announced…

2022/23 Partnership School Games Champions: North Charnwood

2022/23 Partnership Spirit of the Games Champions: Blaby & Harborough and North Charnwood

Images from the day can be found on our Facebook page album.

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