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Choose How You Move

Consider the different travel options available to you including Walking and Cycling.

About This Programme is a partnership project between Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council, giving information on all travel throughout the county.

The website is a one-stop shop for travel information in Leicester & Leicestershire, with a journey planner that allows residents and visitors to consider the different travel options available to them.

Getting around by foot in Leicester & Leicestershire is easy, and most people would be surprised at how far their feet can take them in a short space of time.

Walking: Choosing to walk for local journeys hands you back control of your travel – you get to choose the route, what detours to make, and when to start. As a bonus, there's never a "where can I park?" headache at the end.

Fun, fast, fit and free – that's why we like cycling in Leicester & Leicestershire. Check out our top tips and information to help you make everyday cycling journeys to work, school or the shops – swap four wheels for two and enjoy the benefits!

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