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Meet our Let's Get Moving Champions! Below you will find a wonderful range of stories on how moving more has helped so many of our champions with both their physical and mental wellbeing. From tyre flipping to forestry, we have some fantastic champion stories just waiting to be discovered.

The Let's Get Moving Champions will help us to share the message far and wide that physical activity and moving more is good for you. We hope that by telling their stories about how they stay active, including how they fit activity into their daily lives, what motivates them, and how they have overcome any barriers that might have stopped them from being active, will help show you that we all can move a bit more in our daily lives.

We hope that our Let's Get Moving Champions inspire you, your neighbours and your local communities to get out and move a bit more. However big your goals are, even if you are about to take that first step to moving more, we want to support you along the way. You will also find further tips, advice and local sessions that relates to each of our champion stories.

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Run Leicester 10k

Posted: Thu, 03 Nov 2022 21:28 by Katie Ricketts

Run Leicester 10k

I am feeling good this week! Since I started being active at the age of 41, I've tried to enter some local runs to have a goal to aim for.

This year I've not been able to run much, as I've been ill with Covid twice and also had shingles and I felt very tired for a long time.

I was determined to do something by the end of the year, so I entered the 10km option in the Run Leicester event.

It was such a happy day for me. Despite only running very slowly (and walking up the hill towards the end!) -it felt so good to be running in an event again. All the spectators were so encouraging. The weather was perfect- dry and not too windy. It was great to run through the centre of Leicester.

As always, it was great to get a medal at the end, and it has inspired me to continue to be active over the winter and maybe enter another run in the spring.

I was 57 two days before the run. At 37 I wouldn't have been able to run anywhere, so I hope this encourages even one person to get out there and start exercising.

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